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CIOMajlis Membership And Terms:

  • A senior technology executive (e.g., CIO, CTO, CISO, VP, IT Director, or equivalent) representing an end user entity with a well-structured IT department should be a member.

  • Members can come from any sector (e.g., banking, construction, real estate, education, oil & gas, telecom, etc.).

  • Members should have a well-regarded reputation in the community and uphold the highest ethical standards.

  • Members should demonstrate a genuine interest and willingness to actively participate in CIOMajlis activities.

  • If a member leaves their organisation and joins a vendor or transitions to a non-IT role, their membership will be automatically transferred to an alumni status.

CIOMajlis Alumni Membership:

  • Former CIOMajlis members who have either left the IT field or joined a vendor can become Alumni members of CIOMajlis.

  • Alumni members have limited access to CIOMajlis activities and can only attend selected CIOMajlis sessions.

  • Alumni members are not allowed to engage in any sales activities during CIOMajlis sessions.

  • While Alumni members cannot become board members, they can contribute as part of a subcommittee or special activity group (e.g., conference) appointed by the board.

CIOMajlis Members benefits:

  • Professional Development: Access to events, educational resources, and other opportunities such as innovation trips, designed to support the professional growth and development of senior technology executives.

  • Networking Opportunities: The chance to connect with peers, share experiences, and build relationships with other senior technology executives from diverse organisations and industries.

  • Industry Information and Best Practices: Access to up-to-date information about industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices through association resources, events, and research initiatives.

  • Collaboration and Support: The opportunity to collaborate with other senior technology executives to address common challenges and find solutions to complex problems.

  • Advocacy and Representation: The association may advocate for policies that support the role of senior technology executives, and represent the interests of its members within the broader industry.

  • Leadership and Governance Opportunities: The opportunity to participate in leadership and governance activities of the association, and contribute to its mission and goals.

  • Access to Research: Access to research initiatives and surveys conducted by the association, which provide insights into IT trends and strategies, benchmark IT performance, identify best practices, and explore opportunities for growth and innovation.

CIOMajlis Members responsibilities:

  • Participating in events, educational resources, and other benefits offered by the association to support professional growth and development.

  • Sharing experiences and insights with other members to foster collaboration and support one another in addressing common challenges.

  • Keeping informed about industry developments and best practices through association resources and events.

  • Contributing to research initiatives and surveys conducted by the association.

  • Networking with other senior technology executives to build relationships and expand professional connections.

  • Supporting the advocacy efforts of the association to promote the value and contributions of the IT function within organisations.

  • Representing the interests of senior technology executives within the broader industry and promoting the value of these roles within their own organisations.

  • Participating in leadership and governance activities of the association as necessary.

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