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Sweden & Denmark

Oct 27, 2018

The innovation trip organized by CIOMajlis to Sweden and Denmark provided a valuable opportunity for participants to explore two countries known for their focus on innovation, sustainability, co-creation, and equality. Sweden and Denmark have fostered highly dynamic economies and have emerged as hubs for leading technology companies and progressive initiatives.

During the tour, participants had the privilege to visit a range of renowned institutions and companies that exemplify the innovation-driven culture of these countries. Ericsson, a global leader in telecommunications, showcased its cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the field of communication and connectivity.

Epicenter, a prominent innovation hub, offered insights into the thriving startup ecosystem and provided a platform for co-creation and collaboration among entrepreneurs and companies. Participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative ideas and solutions emerging from this vibrant community.

Produktion 2030, an initiative focused on smart manufacturing and sustainable production, showcased the latest advancements in industrial technologies and processes. This visit allowed participants to delve into the realm of Industry 4.0 and gain insights into the future of manufacturing.

Electa, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, highlighted Sweden and Denmark’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development. Participants had the chance to learn about innovative energy solutions and their impact on creating a greener future.

Volvo Trucks, a renowned automotive manufacturer, showcased its advancements in electric and autonomous vehicles, reflecting the countries’ emphasis on sustainable transportation solutions. Participants had the opportunity to witness the latest developments in the automotive industry and the role of technology in shaping the future of mobility.

Lindholmen Science Park, a collaborative research and development environment, offered insights into interdisciplinary innovation projects and emerging technologies. Participants had the chance to explore various fields, including autonomous systems, smart cities, and sustainable mobility.

Doll Living Lab, a testbed for smart home and living solutions, provided participants with an immersive experience in the realm of connected homes and innovative living environments. This visit offered valuable perspectives on how technology can enhance everyday life and create more sustainable and comfortable living spaces.

Maersk, a global shipping and logistics company, showcased its digital transformation initiatives and the role of technology in revolutionizing the logistics industry. Participants gained insights into the digitization of supply chain processes and the advancements driving efficient and sustainable global trade.

Overall, the CIOMajlis innovation trip to Sweden and Denmark exposed participants to the forefront of innovation, sustainability, co-creation, and equality. The visits to Ericsson, Epicenter, Produktion 2030, Electa, Volvo Trucks, Lindholmen Science Park, Doll Living Lab, and Maersk provided a comprehensive understanding of the countries’ technological advancements and their commitment to creating a better future through innovation and collaboration.